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  • 1 x Owl Diaries. Eva and Baby Mo

    Eva owlsits for baby Mo, and it's a disaster!In the 10th book of this USA Today bestselling series, Eva is excited to babysit her little brother, Mo. She and her friends prepare bug candy snacks, a puppet show, and a song to sing him to sleep. They are ready for ANYTHING! But soon, Eva discovers that taking care of a little baby is a BIG job. Can she put...

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  • 1 x Owl Diaries. Eva in the Spotlight

    It's Eva Wingdale's time to shine! Treetop Owlementary is putting on a play! Eva and her friends can't wait to try out for parts, learn their lines, and build the sets! But when Sue gets cast in the starring role, Eva worries she won't have a chance to shine. Will Eva have her moment in the spotlight, too?

    5,50 €
  • 1 x Owl Diaries. Eva's New Pet

    Eva Wingdale is getting a new pet, in this bestselling early chapter book series just-right for emerging readers! Eva can't wait to get a new pet! But she can't decide what kind of pet to get. Her pet needs to be cute, cuddly, friendly... and, of course, get along with her bat, Baxter.

    6,50 €
  • 1 x Owl Diaries. Eva at the Beach

    It's summertime and Eva Wingdale is going to the beach! Eva is visiting the beach with her best friend Lucy! They can't wait to build sandcastles and make seashell necklaces. But Eva is secretly afraid to go swimming because of the big fish -- like sharks! -- that live in the sea. After Eva hears the "Legend of the Mermowls" and spots her classmate Sue in...

    6,50 €
  • 1 x Owl Diaries. Get Well, Eva

    Eva Wingdale has a hurt wing, in this bestselling early chapter book series just-right for newly independent readers. Oh no! Eva has hurt her wing in a game of wingball. She visits the hospital and needs to wear a sling for a week. But the problem is, now she can't write in her diary! Luckily her friends and family are ready to step in and lend a helping...

    6,50 €
  • 1 x Owl Diaries. Eva in the Band

    Eva is ready to rock out at the Woodlandstock Music Festival! But when another band can't make it, Eva and her friends are ready to step in. Will they be able to form their own band in time to save the festival? And who will be their band's star singer? With speech bubbles, easy-to-read text, and adorable characters, this bestselling series is perfect for...

    6,50 €
  • 1 x Owl Diaries. The Nature Club

    In the next installment of this New York Times bestselling early chapter book series, Eva wants to help the planet! Eva's class is preparing for the Nature Day party. Mrs. Featherbottom splits the class into two clubs and each club has to come up with ways to help the planet.

    6,50 €

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