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  • 1 x You Can Save The Planet

    This book is a call to action for children everywhere. The effects of pollution, global warming and the destruction of our planet have never been so visible or measurable. The book introduces and explains the massive global problems that need to be addressed NOW and is packed with 101 smart, practical and fun things kids can d

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  • 1 x Climate Change

    This timely entry into the award-winning DKfindout! series, explores the past, present, and future of our climate. In 2019 kids around the world went on strike for the future of our planet, and for their own futures. This amazing book on climate change for kids covers what we can do every day as potential activists to help prevent further damaging changes...

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  • 1 x Helping Our Planet

    We are bombarded by warnings about the health of our planet, but what can we actually do to help? This hands-on guide is filled with suggestions for everyday actions and choices that will help readers take better care of the Earth. Armed with this informative and helpful book, they can feel ready to make a positive difference.

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  • 1 x Climate Crisis for Beginners

    The climate crisis is real. It is already changing the world around us. This book uses simple language and vivid illustrations to explain complex questions clearly.How does the climate work? What are we doing to change it? What can we do differently to avoid the worst outcomes? Why do we all find change so hard?

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  • 1 x Climate Emergency Atlas

    Our house is on fire - it's time to wake up to the climate crisis facing planet Earth before it's too late. Which countries generate the highest CO2 emissions? Which coastal cities are most vulnerable to rising sea levels? What will the polar ice caps look like in 10 years' time? Which countries have successfully harnessed renewable energy sources? 

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  • 1 x Activists Assemble - Save Your Planet

    The world can seem a scary place to live. Forests are burning, plastic is filling the oceans and the air is polluted. But we can all help save the planet - including you!Activists Assemble - Save Your Planet details the major current environmental issues, why they occur, and how they can be resolved.

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