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  • Thank You

    I thank the moon for the night time. I thank the sun for the day. I thank my boots for knowing the way…There is so much to be thankful for! In this happy and hopeful picture book for the very young, we see the world through a child’s eyes as he thanks all of the things that give him joy – the sun, his bicycle, the jelly in his bowl, and so much more.

    18,20 €
  • The Library Mouse

    Quill, the mouse, is a dreamer! He longs to write stories and share them with children in his beloved library. But getting his words noticed seems impossible for such a small creature.Can he and his spider friend, Leggsy, find a way to make his voice stand out from the crowd — or will Quill’s stories remain forever unheard?

    10,40 €
  • Wolves will (not) be Wolves

    The wild woods are waiting, and Little Red wants to have an adventure, but weighed down by the King's Decree to "Be Good" and warnings from other fairy tale characters that the Big Bad Wolf is about, Little Red's journey suddenly seems fraught... 

    11,20 €
  • Granny Pip Grows Fruit

    Being able to buy fruit is something we take for granted, but what if we had to grow our own? A little girl helps Granny Pip as she plants fruit bushes, feeds them with fertiliser, prunes and then harvests. Growing fruit is hard work, but eating it is delicious!

    10,40 €
  • The Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess

    Winner of the Foyles Children's Book of the Year ** New York Times / New York Public Library Best Illustrated Book of the Year *When the log princess goes missing her brother, the little wooden robot, sets out on an epic adventure to find her. He will encounter goblins, magic puddings, a mushroom queen and a very intimidating wood pile as he seeks to...

    11,20 €
  • Kevin The Orange

    This laugh out loud picture book follows Kevin the Orange, who is really tired of being orange. So with the help of his friend, Brian the Pear, Kevin tries being lots of different colours with hilarious consequences, only to find out that being the best version of yourself is the greatest thing of all. 

    10,40 €
  • What We’ll Build

    A spectacular new title from world-renowned artist Oliver Jeffers, creator of the global phenomenon Here We Are! What shall we build, you and I? I’ll build your future and you’ll build mine. We’ll build a watch to keep our time. A father and daughter set about laying the foundations for their life together.

    11,20 €
  • How Many Dinosaurs is Too Many?

    Meet a riot of cheeky dinosaurs in this adorable story about friendship. When a dinosaur comes to play, you're sure to have lots of fun. But wouldn't 2 .. . 3 .. . 4 .. . or even 10 dinosaurs be better still? Or would they be too big, too messy and just a little bit too naughty? Perhaps one very special dinosaur is just perfect!

    10,40 €
  • Sam Plants a Sunflower

    Discover the joy of growing things in this non-fiction nature picture book series from Axel Scheffler and the National TrustSam loves big, yellow sunflowers, so when his friends Worm and Ladybird suggest he grows his own, he soon plants some seeds in his garden. Join Sam as he watches them grow, with fun flaps to lift to see what's happening underground...

    10,40 €
  • Ten Green Bottoms

    Count down from ten with the cheeky aliens and do your 'sums with bums' in Ten Green Bottoms – a hilarious storybook for preschoolers, which is a twist on the classic nursery rhyme Ten Green Bottles. Join the green-bottomed aliens and their ‘wind-powered' rocket as they cause all kinds of mischief on Earth.

    11,20 €
  • There's Nothing Cuter Than a Puppy

    Dress to impress with There's Nothing Cuter Than a Puppy, a laugh-out-loud full-colour picture book from award-winning, bestselling Ross Collins and Tom Nicoll. Donkeys in dungarees, walruses in woolly waistcoats, hyenas in hoop skirts . .. The Cutest Creature Contest is full of tough competition!But there can only be one winner and there's nothing cuter...

    11,20 €
  • It Wasn't Me!

    Hilarious, heartwarming and full of charm, It Wasn't Me! is a fun and reassuring tale of friendship, falling out and forgiveness from CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal nominee and BookTrust Time to Read favourite, Marta Altés. Meet Ellis and Charlie: two friends, living happily on their very own island. Everything they do, they do together, and everything they...

    11,20 €
  • Cat Nap

    Meet a cat, in need of a nap! The start of an exciting new picture book series for young children - and their parents! From award-winning author and illustrator, Steve Antony. Cat Nap marks the launch of a new, young, character-led picture book series from award-winning Steve Antony, the best-selling creator of Please Mr Panda, a series that has sold over...

    11,20 €
  • Colours, Colours Everywhere

    'Lush illustrations with cut-out details and unfolding flaps take readers on a joyous journey through Donaldson’s rhyming text.' - GuardianA stunning book to encourage creativity, bursting with colourful landscapes to stimulate the imagination. Follow a little girl in Colours, Colours Everywhere as she paints her own adventure with her bright blue tree...

    18,20 €
  • Maybe Later, Georgie

    The brilliant new heart-warming story from Luke Scriven, author and illustrator of The Little Fear. All Georgie wants to do is play with his big brother, who ALWAYS comes up with the best games and adventures! But recently, all Georgie hears is the same phrase, time and again – ‘Maybe later, Georgie’. Will later ever arrive? 

    11,20 €
  • Green Machines and Other Amazing Eco-Inventions

    Celebrate all things green with Dr. Seuss’s Lorax in this exciting new book about nature and the inventions that can help protect it! With unique rhymes, spectacular information and heaps of brilliant eco-inventions, children will love learning about our planet and the environment.

    9,80 €
  • Hedgehog’s Balloon

    A funny Percy the Park Keeper story from highly regarded, award-winning author and illustrator Nick Butterworth, creator of One Snowy Night. The hedgehog is feeling sad. He loves balloons but they always burst on his spines.

    11,20 €
  • One Goose, Two Moose

    A brilliantly funny book from debut author Kael Tudor filled with hilarious and bright illustrations from Nicola Slater, the bestselling illustrator of The Leaf Thief. OK, everyone, line up! One goose, two moose, three goose, four. Five goose, six moose, seven goose, more.

    11,20 €
  • The Bunny Who Came to Breakfast

    A laugh-out-loud picture book about one family's surprise visit from an excitable BUNNY! When a cheerful bunny comes to visit on a delightful sunny day, a little child and their grandad cannot believe their eyes. A BUNNY RABBIT, AT THEIR DOOR?! So, what do bunnies LOVE doing?

    9,80 €
  • I Am Brave!

    A fabulous rhyming celebration of what it means to be brave by award-winning author Caryl Hart and illustrator Zoe Waring. There are all sorts of ways to be brave every day In the things that we do and the things that we say Being brave can be showy - a fierce, fiery riot But more often it's gentle, or loving or quiet. Let us show you some ways to be...

    11,20 €
  • This Book is Full of Unicorns

    A laugh-out-loud, bright and bold picture book full of unicorns in the most unusual places... This book is full of unicorns of every shape and size. They're cheeky...sneaky... fabulous! You won't believe your eyes. Did you know that unicorns are real? They're all around us but our world's so busy we can hardly see them...

    9,80 €
  • What the Worm Saw

    Meet Earthworm – pink, wriggly and busy helping everyone’s gardens grow. In collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), the UK's leading gardening charity, comes a charming tale with a powerful message for little green minds: join one very special worm to discover the important role earthworms play in nature and how they help our wildlife...

    11,20 €
  • Dogs Don't Dance

    This confidence-building picture book is all about trying new things, embracing difference, encouraging our friends and defying stereotypes Dave the dog wants to dance, but the wise pooches at the park bark in shock. "Stick to digging holes, chasing cats and chewing footballs. Stick to fetching sticks!" Dave leaves with his tail between his legs.

    11,20 €
  • Axel Scheffler Fairy Tale Treasury

    Classic, much-loved stories masterfully brought to life by Axel Scheffler, illustrator of The Gruffalo and Zog. A gorgeous gift book of classic fairy tales, beautifully illustrated by bestselling and award-winning illustrator, Axel Scheffler. 

    21,00 €

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