• Step into Reading 1. Let's Plant a Garden! (Barbie) Step into Reading 1. Let's Plant a Garden! (Barbie)
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    Step into Reading 1. Let's Plant a Garden! (Barbie)

    Spring into fun with BarbieTM in this brand-new Step into Reading leveled reader--plus stickers!Children ages 4 to 6 will love this Step 1 Deluxe Step into Reading leveled reader about BarbieTM, Chelsea, Stacie, Skipper and their adorable puppies as they plant their first vegetable garden! It's the perfect way to celebrate the spring season! Over 30...

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  • Step into Reading 2. Rock Stars! (Sunny Day) Step into Reading 2. Rock Stars! (Sunny Day)
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    Step into Reading 2. Rock Stars! (Sunny Day)

    This Step into Reading leveled reader is based onSunny Day, the all-new animated adventure series from Nickelodeon!Join Nickelodeon's Sunny Day as she and her friends rock the Friendly Falls talent show. Boys and girls ages 4 to 6 will love this Step 2 Step into Reading leveled reader, which features more than 30 shiny stickers. 

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  • The magic triangle

    Like many children, Mary and Ben love eating sweets and doughnuts. However much their family tell them to stop, they won´t. One day, the wind blows and disaster strikes. Luckily for them, a magician appears with a magic triangle... 

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  • Tom Gates: The Music Book

    Pass your level 1 music test with Tom Gates! From DogZombies to Dude3, music is a HUGE part of the Tom Gates world. Learn how to play all your favourite songs from the series with REAL notation for: Guitar Ukulele Piano Recorder And with notation for drums and tips and tricks for vocals!

    12,68 € 16,90 € -25%
  • Winnie and Wilbur: The Santa Surprise

    As they get ready for Chrsitmas Winnie and Wilbur go an epic quest to make sure Santa gets a present, too. A brand new story in a fabulous new format with stylish full colour illustrations, this is the perfect purchase for Winnie and Wilbur fans at Christmas. Part of the bestselling series that celebrates the wonderful relationship shared by Winnie and...

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  • Rose Campion and the Christmas Mystery

    It's pantomime season at Campions' Palace of Varieties and Wonders - but Rose Campion and her friends have more to worry about than who'll be filling the role of Cinderella. The Duchess - the deadly ruler of the London criminal underworld - has been released from prison, and she has her sights set not only on Rose, but also on a pricesless emerald...

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  • Just Right for Christmas

    One snowy Christmas eve, the king buys some soft red cloth to make a cloak for the princess - little does he know that the left-over cloth will be used to make presents for many more of the kingdom's inhabitants, right down to the last teeny bit of cloth made into a scarf, which is just right for the smallest mouse to protect him from the winter chill.

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  • Horrid Henry. Christmas Cracker

    Number One for Fiendish Fun!This book contains a school play, some stolen sweets, a visit from Father Christmas and a HELLISH dinner! Four utterly hilarious and totally brilliant Horrid Henry stories by Francesca Simon, with illustrations by Tony Ross. An irresistible introduction to reading for pleasure.

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  • Only the Ocean

    Breath-takingly fierce, smart and tender, Only the Ocean is a story of survival and courage in the midst of darkness that will thrill fans of Patrick Ness and Sarah Crossan. The two girls sat at opposite ends of the boat and Kel dug and stretched the oars into the ocean like her life depended upon it because it did. `Just so you know,' said Rose,...

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  • Hate is Such a Strong Word...

    In the vein of DOES MY HEAD LOOK BIG IN THIS and LOOKING FOR ALIBRANDI, HATE IS SUCH A STRONG WORD is the story of a seventeen-year-old girl caught between two cultures, Lebanese and Anglo Australian. Seventeen-year-old Sophie hates Monday mornings, socks worn with sandals, and having to strategise like she's a battle sergeant every time she asks her...

    8,40 € 12,00 € -30%

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