• Rhyming 123

    'Oh, ONE can be fun. ONE Bun, ONE sun, ONE tree. You see? Just me.Ah, TWO. Yahoo! That's me AND you - a couple, a pair. Let's share!'So begins a lively rhyming story that follows ONE little bunny's attempts to host a fun birthday picnic as her friends fox, penguin, bear, tiger, sloth, toucan, dinosaur and giraffe arrive one by one to swell the numbers to...

    13,00 €
  • All About Romance

    Roman Bright has always loved love stories. But being a non-binary teenager in a small northern town means their dating pool is limited and they haven't had their own sweeping romance ... yet.Roman Bright appears assured and confident, but in reality, school is a tricky space for them. Finding love - or even friends - when you're the only non-binary kid...

    12,60 €
  • The Magic Hour

    A fast-paced, time-twisting, magical adventure where EVERY SECOND COUNTS. "I really couldn't put The Magic Hour down. The concept is genius, the characters are unforgettable, and the adventure is thrilling.A book I'll be recommending to everyone!" - A. F. Steadman, bestselling author of Skandar and The Unicorn Thief.

    10,40 €
  • If Our World Were 100 Days

    A thought-provoking way of looking at world history and our place within it. About 10,000 years ago marks a major turning point in the history of life on Earth for humankind as people settled down and built towns and cities. Importantly, during this period, they began to record their activities and achievements.

    11,20 €
  • Get Real, Mallory!

    What if one of your drawings became real?Nomi loves drawing, though she's often not sure how many legs to give a dog. It's much easier to draw fish because she has a fish. But she's not allowed a dog in her flat.Stephen tells her to get real - why should she have a dog? 

    10,40 €
  • Dragon Girls. Grace the Cove Dragon

    A super collectible series that celebrates the inner fire of everyday girls! Grace, Zoe, and Sofia share an incredible secret. They can transform into powerful Sea Dragons when they travel to the Magic Forest! Each of the girls has a deep love of the water. Grace is a skilled swimmer, Zoe is an avid surfer, and Sofia is an experienced diver.

    6,50 €
  • Wipe-Clean Mermaid Activities

    Meet Coral, Blue and their friends as you solve puzzles in their underwater world. Use the special pen provided to finish dot-to-dot pictures, spot differences, solve mazes and trace the dotted lines, then wipe the pages clean and repeat. This fun book is a perfect way for young children to develop vital counting, observation and pen control skills.

    9,10 €
  • The World's Worst Monsters

    Dare you enter the world of MONSTERS?The beloved World's Worst series has captivated millions of readers. You've met the world's worst children, the world's worst parents, the world's worst teachers and the world's worst pets - but are you ready for the world's worst monsters?If you don't like ghosts, ogres, zombies, vampires, aliens, werewolves or...

    18,20 €
  • Murder on a School Night

    Sex Education meets A Good Girl's Guide to Murder in this darkly hilarious YA murder mystery by Comedy Women in Print Prize and Carnegie Medal nominated author, Kate Weston. Fiercely funny, feminist and FUN! I bloody loved it' M.A. KUZNIAR There's never a good time to find a dead body.

    12,60 €
  • Mummies Unwrapped

    Unwrap the mysteries of ancient Egyptian mummies in this fascinating gift book from the British Museum What is a mummy? How exactly were they made? And is there really such a thing as a mummy's curse? Find out the answers to these questions and many more, in this gruesome guide to the mummification process. 

    11,70 €
  • A Boy, His Dog and the Sea

    A poignant picture book about a boy and his dog finding adventure where they least expect it, from the acclaimed Kate Greenaway Medal-winning author-illustrator and former Children's Laureate, Anthony Browne. Danny isn't expecting much excitement when he takes his dog, Scruff, for a walk on the beach. He would much rather play with his older brother, Mick.

    16,90 €
  • DRAGON MASTERS. Dawn of the Light Dragon

    In the latest action-packed installment of this New York Times bestselling series, Drake must find the brilliant Light Dragon! To stop the Shadow Dragon from covering the whole world in a sky-shadow, the Dragon Masters must seek out a Light Dragon. So Drake and Darma travel to find a Light Dragon named Lysa. 

    6,50 €
  • The Last Bear

    There are no polar bears left on Bear Island.At least, that's what April's father tells her when his scientific research takes them to this remote Arctic outpost for six months. But one endless summer night, April meets one. He is starving, lonely and a long way from home.Determined to save him, April begins the most important journey of her life . 

    11,20 €
  • Dance with the Giraffes

    Press the button on each double-page of this sound book... then get ready to dance! The giraffes are joined by their friends the zebras, crocodiles and lions, and each group of animals teaches you a very simple dance move to copy. At the end, you put it all together and do the whole dance.A perfect way for babies and toddlers to get active and have fun!

    16,90 €
  • Incredible Jobs You've (Probably) Never Heard Of

    Do you know what you want to do when you grow up? Why not work as a babysitter . . .for sloths? Or become a farmer . . .of corpses? You might even grow up to be someone who gets paid to actually sleep on the job! From taste testers to dinosaur dusters, there are all kinds of incredible jobs that you've probably never heard of . . .

    11,70 €
  • Bunny's First Christmas

    An adorable Christmas picture book about friendship from a storyteller loved by many generations. As Christmas approaches, most of the toys in the toyshop are excited to be going to new homes. But Bunny, the littlest one, is worried.He can't imagine life outside the shop or without his best friend, the sailor doll. 

    6,86 € 9,80 € -30%
  • Merry Little Christmas : A Finger Wiggle Book

    Bring merry holiday characters to life with an interactive board book perfect for the littlest stockings. Poke your fingers through the holes of this brightly colored book to make wiggly legs for eight holiday-themed characters. The snowman has very cold feet, the teddy bear wears green and red, the little man's made of gingerbread . . .

    8,80 € 11,00 € -20%
  • Little Santa's Workshop

    Step inside the magical world of Little Santa's Workshop! Shining bright from above. Hot cocoa and so much love. Santa's workshop is lots of fun.HoHoHome to everyone! Discover the magical world of Little Santa's Workshop! Step inside the toy workshop, feed candy canes to the reindeer and taste a sugary sweet in the kitchen. 

    6,80 € 8,50 € -20%
  • Mrs. Claus Takes a Vacation

    In this funny, sweet, and charming picture book debut, Mrs. Claus leaves the snow (and her husband) behind in order to see the world... and get back in time for Christmas. Mrs. Claus needs to get out of the house. The endless snow at the North Pole is getting her down. And she doesn't see why her husband should get all the travel time in the family.

    6,80 € 8,50 € -20%
  • Malory Towers Collection

    Titles Included in this collection Deal : First Term at Malory Towers Second Form at Malory Tower Third Year at Malory Towers Upper Fourth at Malory Towers In the Fifth at Malory Towers Last Term at Malory Towers New Term At Malory Towers Summer Term At Malory Towers Winter Term At Malory Towers Fun and Games At Malory Towers Secrets At Malory Towers...

    62,91 € 83,88 € -25%
  • 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

    The classic Christmas verse in a gorgeous gift book from the highly acclaimed author and illustrator P.J. Lynch. "'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse..."P.J.Lynch brings his rich and atmospheric art to the well-loved Christmas verse.

    13,52 € 16,90 € -20%

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