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  • Looking for JJ

    A gripping and emotionally searing novel from a talented author, Looking for JJ explores the circumstances and motives behind the murder of a child - by her friend. Six years later, JJ has now been released, and has a new identity. But is there any way that she can lead a "normal" life?

    7,35 € 10,50 € -30%
  • Maladapted

    From BAFTA-nominated screenwriter Richard Kurti comes an exciting, fast-paced thriller that shows the power science has to change not just our lives, but our very selves. From BAFTA-nominated screenwriter Richard Kurti comes an exciting, fast-paced thriller that shows the power science has to change not just our lives, but our very selves. 

    7,28 € 10,40 € -30%
  • The Amnesia Clinic

    Anti, a quiet English boy living in Quito, Ecuador, strikes up a friendship with flamboyant classmate Fabian, who is everything Anti isn't: handsome, athletic and popular. What's more, he lives with his rakish Uncle Suarez, while Anti is stuck in the dull ex-pat world inhabited by his parents. 

    10,50 € 15,00 € -30%
  • Running On Empty

    AJ's grandfather has always been the one to keep his unusual family together, so when he dies things start to unravel at the edges. AJ is worried about his parents but they don't really seem to notice. In order to deal with his grief and to keep his anxiety at bay, AJ does what he and his grandfather did best: running.

    6,37 € 9,10 € -30%
  • Mango & Bambang: Superstar Tapir (Book Four)

    Mango and Bambang reach for the stars in the fourth book of this charming illustrated series about a little girl and a tapir. Described by The Sunday Times as having "real charm ... reminiscent of Paddington", these books are modern classics.Both Mango and Bambang are left star-struck when Bambang's cousin comes to town with Hollywood actress Minty Verbena.

    6,37 € 9,10 € -30%
  • Pirate Blunderbeard: Worst. Holiday. Ever.

    Can the worst pirate ever find his way home from the Island of No Return? My stupid brother has tricked me into the worst holiday ever... on the Island of No Return. I'm stuck here with just a chicken for company unless I can find some treasure - then Blackbeard says he will come and get me (nice of him).

    6,30 € 9,00 € -30%
  • Pirate Blunderbeard: Worst. Pirate. Ever.

    Can the worst pirate ever win the Pirate of the Year Award...? Mum is making me take part in the stupid Pirate of the Year Award. All I have to do is fight an enormous sea monster, (doom), beat my oh-so-brilliant brother at something (please please please) and find the legendary treasure that no one has ever found EVER in the history of EVER (easy peasy,...

    6,30 € 9,00 € -30%
  • Pirate Blunderbeard: Worst. Mission. Ever

    Set sail with the funniest pirate on the seven seas in this hilarious adventure for readers of 7+ with brilliant pictures throughout from ALIENS LOVE UNDERPANTS illustrator Ben Cort Pirate Blunderbeard is on a voyage with his cousin Redruth and Grandpa Greybeard. Blunderbeard hopes it will be like a holiday cruise, ice-cream, deck chairs and maybe a bit...

    6,30 € 9,00 € -30%
  • Nixie: Splashy Summer Swim

    Wonky wand mishaps, froggy fiascos, and water fights! When it's a super hot sunny day, there's only one thing to do with all your friends ...have a WATER FIGHT! For Nixie the naughty fairy this is the perfect opportunity to come up with some of her ingenious inventions to make the fairies' swimming party really go with a splash ...and a BANG! Oops! 

    6,30 € 9,00 € -30%
  • Funny Stories for 6 Year Olds

    Funny Stories for 6-Year-Olds is a bright and varied selection of wonderfully entertaining stories by some of the very best writers for children. Perfect for reading alone or aloud - and for dipping into time and time again. With stories from Margaret Mahy, David Henry Wilson, Francesca Simon, Tony Bradman and many more, this book will provide hours of...

    2,70 € 9,00 € -70%
  • Nixie: Fizzy Firework Fun

    Whizzing dodgems, spinning teacups, and fizzing fireworks. WHOOPEE! It's the night of the Fairyland Funfair and Nixie the Bad, Bad Fairy can't wait to go on all of her favourite rides! To top it all off there will be a HUGE fizzy firework display to close the fair. Buzzing with excitement, thrill-seeker Nixie rushes from one ride to the next

    6,30 € 9,00 € -30%
  • Animal Babies in the Forest!

    What’s a baby owl called? Or a baby deer? In this collection of forest creatures and their young, Julia Groves’ distinctive art style captures each animal’s unique beauty.

    3,50 € 5,00 € -30%
  • Scream Street. Hunger of the Yeti

    "Exactly the sort of grisly, gross, and hilarious stuff that kids will love!" — Eoin Colfer, author of Artemis FowlRetired zombie rock star Vein now lives in the snowy mountains of Tibet, but returning his tongue proves surprisingly easy for Luke, Resus, and Cleo. What the trio hasn’t bargained on, however, is a ravenous baby yeti following them back to...

    4,20 € 6,00 € -30%
  • Middle School: How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and...

    Rafe Khatchadorian, the hero of the bestselling Middle School series, is ready for a fun summer at camp - until he finds out it's a summer school camp! Luckily, Rafe easily makes friends with his troublemaking cabin mates and bunkmate, a boy nicknamed Booger Eater, who puts up with endless teasing from the other kids. 

    7,35 € 10,50 € -30%
  • Middle School: Just My Rotten Luck

    In this seventh Middle School episode, Rafe heads back to the place his misadventures began: the dreaded Hills Village Middle School, where he's now being forced to take 'special' classes...He also finds himself joining the school's football team - alongside his main tormenter, Miller the Killer! But Rafe has grand plans for a better year

    7,35 € 10,50 € -30%
  • Middle School: Save Rafe!

    After a rough summer, Rafe is heading back to the dreaded Hills Village Middle School, the site of the very worst years of his life. And as if that's not bad enough, Rafe's learned that he's going to be held back a year unless he can prove himself on an outdoor survival excursion - complete with dangerous white-water rafting, dizzying rock climbing and...

    7,35 € 10,50 € -30%
  • Middle School. My brother is a big fat liar

    Georgia Khatchadorian plans to excel at Hills Village Middle School in all the places her troublemaking brother failed. She's even bet him that she'll quickly become one of the most popular girls in school. But Rafe left a big mark at HVMS, and no one will give Georgia a chance! Even worse, Rafe has sneakily signed up her band to play at the school dance

    7,35 € 10,50 € -30%
  • Middle School. Ultimate Showdown

    Readers get a chance to participate in James Patterson's wildly successful Middle School series in this interactive book featuring more than 80 hilarious anecdotes from dueling siblings Rafe and Georgia Khatchadorian - plus dozens of fun-filled activities! The Khatchadorian kids are an opinionated duo, and as readers of the Middle School stories know,...

    7,35 € 10,50 € -30%
  • Middle School. I Totally Funniest

    Jamie Grimm is back and better than ever in the third episode of James Patterson's bestselling I Funny series. Finding himself one step closer to his dream of being the best kid comic in the world, Jamie faces his biggest challenge yet. After scoring big on national TV in the semifinals contest, everyone back home is jumping on the Jamie Grimm bandwagon

    7,35 € 10,50 € -30%
  • Hidden Like Anne Frank: Fourteen True Stories of Survival

    Jaap Sitters was only eight years old when his mother cut the yellow stars off his clothes and sent him, alone, on a fifteen-mile walk to hide with relatives. It was a terrifying night, one he would never forget. Before the end of the war, he would hide in secret rooms and behind walls. He would suffer from hunger, sickness, and the looming threat of Nazi...

    7,00 € 10,00 € -30%
  • Doctor Thorne : The Chronicles of Barsetshire

    Now adapted for ITV by Julian Fellowes, Doctor Thorne is the compelling story in which rank, wealth, and personal feeling are pitted against one another. The squire of Greshamsbury has fallen on hard times, and it is incumbent on his son Frank to make a good marriage. But Frank loves the doctor's niece, Mary Thorne, a girl with no money and mysterious...

    7,50 € 15,00 € -50%
  • Bink and Gollie. Two for one

    "Utterly chuckle-worthy, charming, and (thank goodness) still refreshing." —Kirkus ReviewsThe state fair is in town, and now Bink and Gollie - utter opposites and best friends extraordinaire - must use teamwork and their gray matter while navigating its many wonders. Will the energetic Bink win the world's largest donut in the Whack-a-Duck game? 

    4,90 € 7,00 € -30%
  • Bink & Gollie

    Winner of the 2011 Theodor Seuss Geisel Award!In a brilliant collaboration, best-selling authors Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee, along with acclaimed illustrator Tony Fucile, introduce an outrageously funny pair of friends.

    4,90 € 7,00 € -30%
  • Bink and Gollie. Best friends forever

    A follow-up to the Geisel Award-winning Bink and Gollie finds the friendship of tall Gollie and short Bink tested by Gollie's queenly airs, a lack of pancakes and their shared profile in a book of record holders.

    4,90 € 7,00 € -30%

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