A great selection of 20 non-fiction books adequate for children in primary classrooms at a special price. Children will learn and enjoy exploring about history, science, animals, space, nature, the human body....

A great opportunity for schools and libraries to expand their Reference books in English.

Books included :

First Encyclopedia of the Human Body

Rome and Romans

100 Facts : Archaelogy

First World War Picture Book

Reading Ladder 3 : The Water Cycle

Science Explorers : Human Body

Reading Ladder 3 : Senses

100 Things to know about History

40 Simple Science Experiments

Encyclopedia of Knowledge

Handbook - Space

100 Facts : Cats and Kittens

The Animal Book

Questions and Answers : Oceans

Wild About Animals

100 Facts : Plant Life

Beginners : Living in Space

Read with Oxford 3 : Fantastic Nature

Read with Oxford 5 : Explore and Invent


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