Charles Dickens was one of the most influential and brilliantly talented writers to ever pick up a pen. His works have endured for generations of readers, as beloved in their own day as they are now.

There’s much for young readers to love in the world of Dickens, though — wonderfully eclectic characters, thrilling adventures, and oft-heartwarming morals.

Some Interesting Facts about Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens' pseudonym, "Boz," was a name that he called his brother when he was young.

Little Red Riding Hood was Dickens's first muse.

Charles loved to invent nicknames for his children and for himself.

Dickens' novel A Tale of Two Cities is one of the first times that potato chips are mentioned in literature.

Charles Dickens began a rehabilitation home for homeless women.

Charles owned pet ravens.

When his pet cat Bob died, Dickens had its paw stuffed and attached to a letter opener.

Here are 10 stories to introduce readers of all ages to Charles Dickens and his Victorian England filled with orphans, expectations, and Christmas spirits, including adaptations of Dickens geared toward young readers, engaging looks into the author’s life, and a few kid-friendly classics straight from the author’s quill.

1. A Christmas Carol
2. Oliver Twist
3. The Old Curiosity Shop
4. Great Expectations
5. Nicholas Nickleby
6. Hard Times
7. A Tale of Two Cities
8. David Copperfield
9. Bleak House
10. Little Dorrit