Maddy Mara is the pen name of Australian creative duo Hilary Rogers and Meredith Badger. Together they have written or created many bestselling series for kids.

Maddy Mara’s series include Dragon Games, Itty Bitty Kitty and Dragon Girls.

"Why do you write together?

We always have a million ideas for books; together we can write twice as many books as we can alone! Also, we have twice as much fun when we collaborate. If one of us gets stuck, or is wondering if that chapter is the worst thing that’s ever been written, the other is always there to help. We have quite similar brains (we always know how to make the other laugh), but we have very different personalities (Hilary talks too much; Meredith worries too much). Now that we think about it, it’s possible that we’re actually one human split into two quite small parts…

If you were a dragon girl, who would you be?

Hilary: I wish I were a quiet and thoughtful dragon girl like Willa (#2) or Quinn (#6), but in reality I’m more like Azmina (#1) or the very mouthy Stella (#9).

Meredith: I am definitely a quiet Willa-type but I would like to be Aisha (#5) as she has a very cute forest pet: PlushyPup."