He was born in Czechoslovakia.  “My childhood was great - I really enjoyed it”.

“For 2 years from the age of 19 I worked at a state advertising and design agency. It was a joke. In communist Czechoslovakia there was nothing much to advertise or design. But the experience was fun and rather inspiring after all. I met interesting people and it was an interesting time.”

“Then I went to study at the Academy of Fine Art. I worked hard there for 6 years drawing and painting from morning to evening. In 1989 there was a revolution - and a student strike. Great fun! It was an exciting time which resulted in new studios at the Academy, new professors and new inspirations.

“My two daughters, Tereza and Cecilia, are the biggest inspiration for my work. I started to work on children’s books when Tereza was born. For my first books, Strawberries Are Red and What Is Black and White?, I received the Books for Children Newcomer Award in 2001. It was presented to me in a restaurant and we had a nice lunch. I still remember the lunch and I still have the trophy. I like doing novelty books best. I think it’s very exciting looking through the holes in the pages and seeing what will happen if I turn one more page!”

“Since then I have had many books published. I love what I'm doing - it's fun!”

Info From Petr Horacek website.