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Genes and DNA



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  • 1 x The DNA Book

    This book introduces children ages 7-9 to the amazing science of DNA, genetics, and what makes you you. It's inside every living plant and animal, from the tiniest seed to the person standing next to you, but how much do you know about DNA? This book gives children an in-depth look at DNA and its role in all living things--from why we have...

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  • 1 x Grow: Secrets of Our DNA

    From the award-winning team behind Tiny and Lots comes a new book exploring another fascinating area of biology: growth. "Vibrantly illustrated, this is a fascinating and accessible introduction to the concept of DNA for five- to eight-year-olds" GuardianA beautifully illustrated introduction to the concept of DNA for younger readers. 

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  • 1 x See Inside Genes and DNA

    What ARE genes? What do they do? How did DNA make EVERYTHING? Young scientists, meet genes and DNA, the building blocks of ALL LIFE ON EARTH. Colourful illustrations, plenty of flaps, and intriguing for kids who want to know MORE.

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  • 1 x The Code of Life

    Why do children look like their parents? Why are some people blond and others brunette, and where do we get our eye colour from? This book explains genetic theory, what genes are, why DNA plays an important role and what all these insights have to do with a curious monk. 

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